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Each time we have a guest reserve a room, we inquire about dietary restrictions. Becoming more and more of a concern is gluten free foods.  Luckily for the cook (me) the selection of gluten free foods in supermarkets are becoming more and more available.

This morning I had the pleasure of serving two retired nuns, who had been school teachers.  Sister Regina and Sister Margaret Ann.  Sister Margaret Ann has a gluten free diet.  They have visited before so requested my baked oatmeal.  I also happened to have a box of gluten free bisquick mix.  I found a recipe on the back for gluten free shortcakes so I whipped them up and they were yummy with butter and strawberry jam! 

I have used Red Mills gluten free pancake mix, and Betty Crocker gluten free brownie mix, both very good!

If you come to The Mill House, we try very hard to cater to dietary restrictions so be sure to let us know!  We want your experience to be pleasant and we are blessed to serve you a very yummy breakfast!!


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“Ron and Kathy were incredibly welcoming. The rooms and location were beautiful. The food was delicious and plentiful! We’ll definitely be back.”

“This place was amazing, and ron and kathy make it even that much more wonderful. the setting is exceptional and kathy’s breakfasts are out of this world. if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, this is definitely the place.”

“Wonderful hosts and an excellent location. All the amenities were first rate and Kathy’s food was very tasty. We will definitely try and return.”

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