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This week is the birthday of a very special little boy!! Ethan is turning 3 years old and is the son of a very special lady who attends our church. Mom called asking if I could make star shaped sugar cookies and his favorite color was orange!!

I always worry a little that the cookies will not look special enough. I am not a decorator. I don’t have the fancy tools to do special decorating. But I have fun baking and icing the cookies, especially for my young friends.

The hospitality hint of the week is, many times simple is better!! Seems if I try to get fancy, it never turns out the way I expect. If I keep it simple, it usually comes out just right plus I’m not stressed out!!

I just used a simple powdered sugar glaze and sprinkled coarse sugar all over the top. Ice your cookie, set it in a shallow container and sprinkle on the sugar. No mess to clean up and you can conserve all the sugar that falls off.

I buy all different colors of sugars by checking after the holidays. The specialty sugars and toppings are usually discounted.

So get out those cookie cutters, your favorite sugar cookie recipe and start baking!!!

Keep it simple!!!


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“This place was amazing, and ron and kathy make it even that much more wonderful. the setting is exceptional and kathy’s breakfasts are out of this world. if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, this is definitely the place.”

“Wonderful hosts and an excellent location. All the amenities were first rate and Kathy’s food was very tasty. We will definitely try and return.”

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