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The Breakfast Table


The Breakfast Table.  A place in a Bed and Breakfast where guests gather to enjoy a hearty breakfast.  Guests may gather as strangers, but by the time breakfast is served and eaten, they are new friends.  It amazes me how many times guests have realized that they have a connection.  Maybe they grew up in the same town, or their parents were neighbors, or they have a mutual friend.  It is music to Ron and my ears as we hear our guests laughing, talking, and enjoying each other’s company.  Sometimes breakfast can last over an hour as they become engrossed in a conversation.

Not all of our guests choose to eat in the common area around our breakfast table.  Some guests truly need the alone time together.  They may choose to eat at a different time, eat a wonderful breakfast delivered to their guest room door, or on the patio in good weather.  Whether having breakfast with a group or an intimate breakfast with your loved one, the breakfast table is a special place.

We have laughed with guests, cried with guests, prayed with guests, and listened to guests.  We have left them completely alone, quietly serving and disappearing so they can have time to reconnect and talk.  It may be the first time in months they have had quiet time together.

Early in the morning, as I set the Breakfast Table,  I “prime” it with prayer.  Asking God to bless each guest in a special way.

The Breakfast Table is our favorite place to serve our guests.  It encourages us as much as we hope it encourages them.

My challenge is to set your own Breakfast Table.  What a great time in the day to reconnect with  your husband and children before beginning a new day.  A new day to rejoice and be glad for whatever little surprises God has in store for you!



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“Ron and Kathy were incredibly welcoming. The rooms and location were beautiful. The food was delicious and plentiful! We’ll definitely be back.”

“This place was amazing, and ron and kathy make it even that much more wonderful. the setting is exceptional and kathy’s breakfasts are out of this world. if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, this is definitely the place.”

“Wonderful hosts and an excellent location. All the amenities were first rate and Kathy’s food was very tasty. We will definitely try and return.”

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