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Finally!!  I’m back to blogging about life at The Mill House.  Lots of change has happened since my last post. The biggest change is that I know have a co-innkeeper that is with me full time!  A blessing and a challenge I will write about in a future post. The other change is our new website.  I’m so excited that “Enter With a Happy Heart” is now a part of our website!

I have always been one to struggle with change.  I do just fine during the transition, but afterwards I kind of melt down and struggle for a while.  Its taken a few weeks to get used to Ron being home full time.  It’s been great having the extra person to answer the phone, take reservations, and answer the door.  But I had a routine and it has definitely been disrupted.  Now throw in 18 straight nights of guests and you get the formula for burn out!!

We are so grateful for all the guests who walk through our doors.  Our hope is that each person finds the rest and renewal that they need.  Our job is to serve them well.  It takes a lot of flexiblity, patience, kindness, and stamina to be on your toes 24hours a day, 7 days a week.  Yes, the phone sometimes even rings in the middle of the night…grrrrrr!

As Ron and I were in the midst of our 18 straight days….I ran across this wonderful devotional from Pastor Greg Laurie.  I enjoy his daily email devotionals each morning.  This particular devotional was based on 1 Corinthians 13:4. (  I think everyone is familiar with the “Love” chapter of the Bible)  “Love endures long, and is patient and kind”

Pastor Greg talked about the word patience as being able to endure being inconvenienced again and again…..We’ll that about sums up my life if I put it bluntly.  Oh please don’t get me wrong.  I have the spiritual gift of hospitality and nothing blesses this little ole’ heart of mine like making others feel really special!!  I can be growling at Ron upstairs then during that quick trip down the steps to talk to a guest, I am transformed into the sweetest thing!!   It isn’t only guest requests, but a buzzing washing machine or dryer, the timer on my oven, the phone, the doorbell, or the funny sound my Galaxy Tab makes when I get a new email!

So 18 straight days of guests plus a stay at home hubby caused me quite a bit of inconvenienced moments.  Love is patient, Love is patient, Love is patient!!

Above is a picture of a wonderful family who stayed with us during our 18 days.  Their youngest daughter was such a joy and reminded me of how blessed I am to serve others.  Not only did she insist on helping me set the breakfast table, she also stated that she wanted to spend her wedding night here,  every anniversary, and every family vacation!!!  She actually wanted to know what it would cost to stay for a whole year!!

From the mouth of a child!  I love words of encouragement….and God sent just the right person to encourage me!!!



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The wife and I stayed here for our one year anniversary and had a great time. The owners are so nice and caring. It is a quiet and romantic place to stay, with great views and quaint historic rooms with a lot of character. We will definitely be back again!

We visited the Mill House for our second time in the Grand Rapids area. Ron and Kathy even made sure to have the local bald eagle put in an appearance on one of our river walks. Clean spacious room, pleasant company and bacon scones. A slice of heaven in NW Ohio.

One of the best overnight stays we have ever taken. First, you are greeted with warmth and kindness. The Mill House is a true getaway from the rush and stresses of life. The rooms are all very inviting and a place of refuge. The snacks are best around and the breakfast felt like home with relatives. Will recommend this place to everyone and returning very soon!

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