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Awww…The final installment of “”2013 Inn Review”!  This installment lets you peek into the personal life of your innkeepers.  Innkeeping is quite a lifestyle.  As any innkeeper can attest to, it is often a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week gig!  As much as we love what we do, we also need a break once in a while, especially during our busy months from April through November.  We can go as long as 30 days straight with no days off.  Now I am not complaining….We are so blessed to be able to use our passion as our job…..but we are around our terrific guests all the time and sometimes we need alone time.  Not only from people, but from the doorbell, phone, washer and dryer, dishwasher, oven timer and anything else that seems to always need our attention.

Each year we plan several get-aways to recharge and reconnnect with each other as husband and wife!  Here are some pictures from our get-aways in 2013.  Maybe they’ll even give you some good ideas of where you want to visit, or just light a little fire in you to plan a get away with your husband or wife!



Each summer we take a quick trip in July.  It is mid-busy season and also our anniversary month.  This past year we visited with my brother, Tom, and his wife, Becky, in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  They have a seasonal campsite and camper in a great RV Park.  We visited many of the sites including Pymatuming Spillway where the “Ducks Walk on the Fishes Backs”,  had frozen custard and footlong hotdogs in Meadville,  visited a candy factory, and spent time just hanging out together.  Our daughter ( pictured above ) and her boyfriend came up for an evening for a visit.



Here’s a picture of Ron enjoying a footlong hotdog.

The summer was really busy for us so come September we decided to take a one night break.  We ended it in Ypsilanti, Michigan at The Queens Residence B&B.  The weather was  nice enough to sit in their garden courtyard for some cheese and delightful refreshment.  We met Joe and Marla, the innkeepers, and ended up swapping nights with them.  One of the many perks of innkeeping 🙂

Each January we take a nice break and go away for a week or so.  It is our slow time and perfect for us to get away.  In 2013, we made a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains.  After 7 days there, we headed to Mt. Airy, NC ( home of Mayberry)  Of course I just loved every minute of being there since I am a huge Andy Griffith fan.  Ron even had his hair cut by Russell ( who the character of Floyd the barber was based on).  After 2 hours in the shop, Ron had the shortest hair cut in his life!

I sometimes get away for a day trip with friends.  This past summer my sweet friend, Delores, took me on a day trip as a belated birthday present.  We went down to Napoleon to visit some beautiful gardens and have ice cream.  If you are from NW Ohio you know how high the corn was this past year!!  Delores is about the same height as I am so I’m guessing this corn is about 12 feet tall!!!!

Another way we get away from innkeeping for a break is just visiting and going out with friends or family.  Owning an inn and also facebook has brought me closer to family I have not seen for very long.  It has been such a joy reuniting with my cousin, Russ, and his wife, Cindi.  Here we are enjoying dinner and drinks on La Roe’s patio, a great restaurant here in Grand Rapids.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our personal time.  I encourage every married couple to get away together.  A weekend or a date night will do you a lot of good!!  I know it helps Ron and I.  Here’s to a great 2014 with lots of fun times, places, and family!



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