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The word “simple” has been bringing new meaning to me lately.  We get so caught up in our complex world with family, careers, friends, and bad news.  Goodness, this past week seems to be wrought with bad news.  No matter what station on the radio you listen to or what television channel you are tuned into, you can’t seem to stay away from hearing about bombings, kidnappings, homicides, and natural disasters.  My mind just goes on and on in thought, and it’s not usually positive thoughts.  Worry, fear, and anxiety grips me and most of my friends and family.   I’ve struggled with this for years, and after much prayer, the word “simplify” just seems to come back to me along with another word.  That word is “choice”.

I can get up in the morning and choose to listen to bad news, to worry about myself, family, and friends, and to grumble and complain about my life.  Or……I can choose to not dwell on those things, to not think on those things,  to turn them over to the One who can handle everything.  I can choose Philippians 4 things to dwell on.  Good things, praiseworthy things, honest things…..We have a choice to let our minds go 100 miles an hour in thought, or to seek rest for our minds, to seek rest for our weary souls.

That’s what Ron and I love about The Mill House.  We’re all about giving our guests a place to rest their souls.  We pray each day for the Holy Spirit to fill this place.  We offer a simple place, such small things can offer such rest.  A quiet river, the birds twittering away in the garden ( and I don’t mean on their iphones!), an ice cream cone from down the street, a cup of coffee or tea early in the morning, a yummy breakfast served with a smile,  breakfast made with fresh brown eggs from the farm across the river, and a simple stroll along our tow path.

This little note from our guest book this past week really sums it all up…...”This place, and you, overflow with Christ’s love and it weaves a wonderful spell on all who enter.  Peace and rest are hard to come by in this world.  Not only do you find both here but time seems to flow more slowly so that you are not rushed and can enjoy the simple little details.”  

Jesus said in John 14:27, “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

Peace to you my friends !



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