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Ron and I have always loved the water, fresh water to be exact, and living here has been a blessing we never even imagined would be possible.  Living along the scenic Maumee River has been a definite benefit we enjoy.  The Mill House sits on the banks of this wonderful river.  Even though many people call it the “Muddy Maumee” it still has beauty uncompared.  Each season holds something new and facinating on the river.  Whoever said that a river is a living and changing thing is exactly right!  We never tire of the view.  It has really made me understand that God is an amazing artisan.  How can you doubt him when you see how his creation works.  Every intricate part of the river from the fish that feed both people and wildlife,  the beautiful changing of the leaves every fall, the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, and the mighty power of the ice breaking proves his existence.  I’m excited to be able to share pictures of the Maumee River so you can experience it’s beauty and you’ll know what to expect when you stay with us.


Grand Rapids 2013 265

 Typical summer day on the river. The Ludwig Mill is in the background.  You might enjoy walking to the railroad bridge and snapping a few river pictures on your next visit.


Summer usually brings low water levels on the Maumee.  Sometimes you can walk right into the middle of the river without getting wet.



Spring, Summer, and early Fall can also bring the possibility of flooding on the Maumee.

leaves river

Fall is absolutely breathtaking along the Maumee. This is an early morning picture with the rising sun giving the trees their own special glow.



Winter on the Maumee holds a beauty of it’s own. The water seems particularly blue with the snow, ice, and sun.


Winter is also a busy time for the Bald Eagles as they hunt for food behind the Mill House.  Because of the rapids in the river, the water does not completely freeze and the Eagles can fish for their food.


As winter ends and spring begins, the ice on the river breaks up and we witness the ice breaking and flowing down the river to Lake Erie.  This is a sight like no other.

Grand Rapids 2013 173

Grand Rapids 2013 174

Sunsets on the Maumee rival sunsets anywhere.

Come stay at The Mill House.  Bring your camera and your field glasses.  The river changes daily and there is always a wonderful photo opportunity.  Enjoy the peace and quiet of the river early in the morning or at sunset. We’ll share it, we promise!


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