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It’s January, it’s the Smokey Mountians, and The Munk’s are on vacation.  We were so ready for some rest and renewal and thanks to a recommendation from friends (thanks Bob and Jorja ) we stayed at Oak Haven Resort in Seiversville, Tn.  We spent the days hiking, siteseeing, shopping, and relaxing.  A cabin with a dishwasher, washer and dryer, pool table, gas grill, and hot tub is my kind of “roughing it”!

My favorite part being in the Smokies was enjoying the National Park, and my favorite place had to be “Bud Ogles Farm”
The farm is located not too far from Gatlinburg and is a short drive into the park.  I am such a texture person, and just the texture in the ground, buildings, and trees was “eye candy” for me.  Of course we walked the short stroll to the large cabin and out buildings.  They look like they did way back in the 1800’s when the land was cleared and farmed.  Being a beautiful January day, we decided to take the trail hike at the farm, we figured since it was rated “easy” we could handle the walk. We crossed over several small creeks, some with primitive bridges, some with logs, and some just stones.  Good thing this was the easy hike!We walked between old rock walls or fences that were built to keep the farmers animals in the field.  Can you imagine moving these mountain rocks?  All the while we began to hear what sounded like running water.  Not just a little trickle like we had seen in several small creeks we had crossed, but a more powerful sound.  It grew louder and louder as we came close.  I anticipated what might be around the next corner, over the next log, or around the next boulder….As the sound grew louder, I became more excited.  Let me tell you,  I am a strong believer that if you ask Him, God will surprise you everyday.  While on vacation, Ron and I have made a habit of asking God to “Surprise Us” with something special every day.  He has not failed to answer that prayer.  That’s why we have learned to travel with no agenda….we don’t want to miss what God has planned for us!  So, with excitement and anticipation I was ready to see the surprise!!We finally arrived at what was the most beautiufl stream, gurgling over rounded mountain stones covered in soft green moss.  This picture just doesn’t do it justice, but what can give God’s creation justice!  I really don’t like posting pics of myself,  but my ear to ear smile shows how excited I was to find this beautiful place.  I was actually speechless except when I started clapping my hands like I do when God does or shows me something spectacular, emotionally moving, and wonderously created by Him.

Start your day anticipating what God is going to do.  With all we face in the world, in our families, and in our jobs,  we need the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to surprise us with something unexpected each day.  I promise He will.  It may not be a gurgling mountain stream but it could be a smile, phone call, or pat on the back!  Take the time to look for your surprise each day,  get off the plan and off the beaten track and see what God will show you!

Psalm 37:4  Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.



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