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MMMMM……Breakfast at The Mill House.  I’m not a professional photographer and it is really hard to take good pics of food, but this is a sample of a yummy breakfast at The Mill House.  Before this apple fritter french toast, mini oven omelet and sausage were served, guests enjoyed baked apples with fresh whipped cream.
But what you are served is not the only fun part about breakfast at The Mill House.  It is the interesting people you meet over breakfast.  Breaking bread together is a great way to get to know new people.  Ron and I are amazed at how many folks have a connection, something in common, or are related somewhere way down the family lineage! 
This past weekend, we had two awesome couples, very in love. 
Marge and Ray celebrating their 3rd anniversary.  This is their third stay with us and we always look forward to spending a few minutes at breakfast chatting and catching up.

Brittany and Keith , celebrating their engagement one year ago.  They were married, I believe 5 months ago and have a wonderful story of how God orchestrated their engagement! 

Both couples instantly bonded and we all had a wonderful time getting to know each other over breakfast. 

A stay at The Mill House can mean a breakfast where you meet new people, or if you want a private breakfast to reconnect we are happy to fulfill that request as well. 

Come stay with us and let us serve and spoil you the best way we know how.  We are happy to chat, happy to give you privacy , and happy to serve you a wonderful  homecooked breakfast!


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