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It’s been a summer of international guests here at The Mill House!  Some years we seem to have several groups of guests traveling the US from other countries.  Some years very few.  This year has been the exception!

We had a group of school teachers from Turkey…they left us Turkish Pistachios! Two weeks ago we welcomed a group of 4 men from Denmark.  They were walk in guests and we were so happy we had rooms for them.  They were traveling to Indiana to attend a muscle car auction.  They would purchase classic muscle cars and then ship them overseas to Denmark.  It cost then $5000 to ship 2 cars in one large crate.

This week 2 young ladies from Switzerland rang the doorbell.  They were on their way to Chicago.  I had a good laugh as one of the girls told me she used to work tourism in a place called “Heidi Land”!! 

We have hosted guests from Australia, Germany, England, Brazil, Portugal, France, and Dominica in the Caribbean.  We’ve hosted missionaries from Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Azerbaijan, France, and The Philippines.

I was thinking the other day how I would have never met so many people from so many places if it weren’t for innkeeping.  The best part is I have learned that people are people no matter where they are from!  Everyone enjoys a good conversation and good food.  The expression “mmmmmmmmmm…..” means the same thing in every language!!


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