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Here we go again.  For the second time this year, the beautiful Maumee River overflowed her banks.  Five times in five years we have dealt with this act of nature. Floods like so many other things in life can bring stress, frustration, and even questioning of God and why.  This time was no exception.  Soggy ground and multiple inches of rain in Northwest Ohio only lends itself to swollen rivers and ponds appearing in people’s lawns. 

At the first sign of possible flooding, being that we are now experienced in handling floods, we begin to prepare.  Ron scurries to the basement to put up the little we have stored down there.  We make sure our small electric pump is ready to roll and I make a call to the friend who owns a gas powered pump.  Then I put out a preliminary post on my Facebook page, letting people know we may be needing some help

Here is the amazing part…..the phone starts ringing, my facebook gets full of messages, the doorbell rings and many offers of help pour in.  It is very humbling for both Ron and I.  It is hard to ask for help, you feel like you are bothering people or pressuring people, but the only way we can successfully fight the flood is to depend on others. 

We live far from our biological families.  They are not able to be here to help us.  But we have built relationships with our friends and church family.  We take care of each other.  We offer help and we mean it.  It is so humbling to know that friends give up a good nights sleep, having a job to go to in the morning to sit at our place all night and operate a gas pump. 

I was walking the wet and soggy tow path and began to pray and think about the past few days.  The stress at one moment and the joy at another when the phone would ring with a volunteer to run a night shift.  I began to look at all the relationships Ron and I have made over the past years living away from family.  How God has truly blessed us with a family, our family in Christ.  We have developed relationships,  we know each other with a deeper meaning, we love each other and care for each other.  Sure, I could call on a neighbor or acquaintance who would probably help if I asked.  But our close friends, who have taken the time to really know us, call, show up and offer help! They are there physically or with prayers on our behalf. 

There is another relationship that is much like that.  That is our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Maybe you know about Jesus. You went to Sunday school as a child, or you have a friend who is a believer.  Maybe you read a book that talks about Jesus as a person in history.  Or maybe you did ask Jesus into your life as your Lord many years ago.  It could have been in Jr.High at a church camp, or at a woman’s conference a friend took you to.  But it didn’t go any farther.  You didn’t develop that intimate relationship with Jesus that he so desires from you. 

If you have asked him as Lord of your life, He is there whether you developed a relationship with Him or not.  He desperately wants you to draw close to him.  He has so much to show you, to give you , and His promises always hold true!  You can have the same relationship with Jesus you have with close friends here on earth.  Actually you will have a much closer relationship because Jesus loves you more than anyone in this world.  He loves you so much that he died a criminal’s death on a cross just for YOU!  

Just like you may ask your worldly friends for help, Jesus offers so much more.  So, if you don’t know Jesus, get to know Him.  Read the Gospels.  Talk to a friend who is a Christian.  Get to know the One who knows you, who loves you, who cares for you, who knows your every hurt, every concern, and every need! 

We had a flood, you may be having financial, marriage, emotional, health , or family issues.  Turn to the one who can do anything, who has experienced everything, and who loves you so much!  Jesus is the One who can give you the peace that passes all understanding!

If you want to talk about it ……just ask,  I love to talk about my Jesus!


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