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This is a Christmas Blog that’s going to start in October.  October is one of the busiest months at The Mill House.  Between the Apple Butter Festival, guests coming to enjoy the beauty of Fall along the Maumee River, and lots of scone baking and fudge making, it is a pretty busy and intense season.

It was toward the end of October and I was really feeling weary.  Even though I am constantly trying to remind myself why Ron and I have chosen this path, I still have those pity party, feel sorry for myself, selfish moments.  Dragging myself out of bed before dawn to fix coffee and breakfast for guests, until folding my last sheet at about 10:30 in the evening takes a toll after a busy season.

This particular weekend we were hosting the “Wild Carrots and Root Band” from the Cincinnati area.  They were performing at the Grand Rapids Town Hall as part of the “Live in the House” series.  We host them gratis to help support the town’s Arts Council.  We had 2 rooms for the group and they were arriving late on Saturday evening after their performance in Pemberville, Ohio.

Sunday morning came around really early that day and I was just not in my normal happy mood.  I was kind of feeling selfish and if you know me,  that is not how I usually am…I have a hard time saying  no to anyone or anything.  Plus I would give you the shirt off my back if you asked, but not that morning!  But, as the person who tries really hard to reflect Jesus in my service to others, I put on that happy face.

Breakfast went well, our guests included the 4 members of the Wild Carrots and another sweet local couple.  We had the regular chatting over breakfast and all enjoyed their meal.  As I was helping Ron clean up,  the band came into the common room with their instruments.   “Kathy”, they said, ” Since you aren’t able to make it to our show today, we have a song we want to sing just for you.”  I sat down at the table as they played their guitars and mandolin and sang.  It was so beautiful,  a song about coming together and the beautiful spirit of serving.  I sure wish I could remember the name of the song or the lyrics.  All I know is that it just melted right down into my soul and my eyes flooded with tears.  My heart was thanking God for this time, a moment in time when the Holy Spirit works through others ( even though they don’t realize it ) to encourage, confirm, and build you up.

I was so excited about the whole event that I tried to tell several others about my moment.  But no one seemed to really understand what it meant to me.  I just couldn’t seem to convey the feelings of the moment.

At church that weekend, Pastor Vinnie mentioned how some events or sights will just fill us with awe.  The awe of God’s creation.  He mentioned how his first visit to the ocean was an “awe” moment for him.  I began to think that the special song was one of my “awe” moments.  That God had arranged it especially for me and that no one could really understand what it meant to me.  It was a treasure from God, one to keep in my heart and bring out whenever I needed reminded of the love of our “Awe Creating” God.

I did say this was a Christmas blog…..The last few months I’ve been pondering Mary the mother of Jesus.  The first few chapters of Luke are the familiar story of the birth of Christ.  Born in a manger in a stable,  Mary gave birth among animals with the sights, smells, and sounds of a barn.  The Son of God was born in such a humble manner.  I wonder what she thought and felt as the shepherds visited the Christ Child….or when the Wise Men finally made it to worship the Baby King.  Surely Mary knew what was ahead.  Surely  she must have been excited and frightened at the same time.  But scripture tells us in Luke 2:19 – But Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.

I wonder if Mary thought about all these things as she watched Jesus grow into a man,  as she watched him teaching at the Temple, as He healed the blind and the lame, and as she watched him die a criminals death on the cross?  She treasured what God had given her..moments just for her.  Moments that would help her get through the sadness and grief that would soon turn to unspeakable joy.

In Luke 1: 46-55 Mary praises God with Her Song of Praise.

God gives us all moments of “awe”. Moments just for us.  During this Christmas season I pray you will take some time to ponder moments that the Holy Spirit has given you.  If you are a child of the King of Kings, I know that the Holy Spirit has given you treasures to ponder in your heart.  If you don’t know Jesus as the King of Kings, I pray that over this Holy season you would consider coming to know my best friend, Jesus , and the peace that comes from a relationship with Him.

Below is a link to a song I just love.  It reminds me of Mary’s Song of Praise.  We sing it in church and My Soul Magnifies the Lord for He has done Great Things for Me!!





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